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Let There Be Peace on Earth

Sometimes certain songs are played, sung or celebrated only at certain times during the year. Often-times the prettiest of these are saved for the “holidays.” For me, that means Christmas, sometimes Thanksgiving, and maybe even New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Why many of these songs are hidden in these particular time-spots can appear to be logical. Many of them ARE “holiday” songs.

But there are others of these songs… these celebratory or plaintive songs… that can be, may be, or even should be sung all the year through. If only the theme requested, hoped for, or even prayed for by the above song… Let There Be Peace On Earth… could be seen by more than myself… as something to be celebrated all year ’round… how truly wonderful that would be.


Mom… It’s Mother’s Day, and I Miss You…

I am sitting here trying to think of something cute to write for a Mother’s Day post… and the imaginative juices are just not flowing.

All I can think of is how much I miss my Mom. Marian is my Mom, and she passed away in 1987.  I miss her.  Some of what I have been doing today is getting on You Tube and listening to some of the songs that she and my Dad listened to in the days around the time I was born… which would be in the early and mid 1940’s.

It was the Big Band Era… the times of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra (my Mom just loved him). Here is one of Mom’s favorite Sinatra tunes… I’ll Never Smile Again with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.  You just cannot get more mellow than this.  I can close my eyes and pretty much see Mom ready to faint… she loved “Frankie” that much.

Mom was also a fan of Arthur Godfrey.  Here is one of the clips I watched of his… earlier today.  Arthur Godfrey Time TV 1948 TELEVISION .  I can remember watching “her boy” Arthur on daytime television… waaayyyy back when.

Glenn Miller was such a major talent.  Mom just loved dancing to his records… when she could talk my Dad into it. I can just imagine Mom and Dad jitterbugging to Tex Beneke and the Glenn Miller Orch – In The Mood .  How I remember the smile on Mom’s face… just ear to ear.

My mom was part Irish… and just loved Bing Crosby… especially when that old “Crooner” belted out some of the old Irish songs.  Here is one of her favorites.  Bing Crosby: Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra (Thats An Irish Lullaby) .  I can actually see in my mind’s eye Mom listing to “der Bingle” as they used to call him.  Memories…

When I was born… in 1944 (I am 66 now)… my Dad was over in Italy fighting in WWII.  The Andrews Sisters were all over the radio at that time… and this song was popular then.  Andrews Sisters – Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree .  To Mom and Dad… that song was very much to them what “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round that Old Oak Tree” was to those of a later generation or two.  How they must have missed each other.

My Dad was a big Peggy Lee fan… and I can remember my Mom listening to Peggy Lee singing this… one of his favorite songs… while he was over in Italy.  Peggy Lee: Fever! .  How they liked their music… especially my Mom.

Mom… if you’ve got a computer “up there”… here are some links you can click on to listen to the “old songs.” But, then again, if you are “up there”… which I am sure you are… you can probably ask Glenn, Tommy, Jimmy, Peggy and the Andrews Sisters to sing them for you in person.

Mom… I miss you.  I just wanted you to know that it’s Mother’s Day down here… and that I was thinking about you, and missing you terribly.