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A Nice Catholic Girl Reflects on Pope Benedict XVI

It’s been all over the news recently.  And, oddly enough, much of the “to do” about the current and ongoing priest-sex abuse scandal and the accompanying cover-up has been even more “four square” in the news… during Holy Week… of all times !

It is pretty obvious to this girl that the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is trying to have it both ways.  Slowly but surely he is getting caught in a trap… a trap primarily of his own setting.

In a survey taken by CBS Polling Service… it was found that an amazing 13 percent of Americans… and only 20 percent of American Catholics… approve of Pope Benedict and the way he has treated the issue of sexual abuse by Catholic priests during his term as pope.

That is pretty amazing when I remember, as a much younger Catholic girl, how much we took for granted that the Pope… whoever he was… was totally beyond reproach.  How sad it is to find that so many of those “old ideas” we had… back in the day… just simply were not true.

It appears to THIS Catholic girl… that if the Pope does not do an abrupt about-face concerning the chaotic mess he has so far pretty much ignored… both during his five years as Pope… and his approximately thirty years as head of the Confraternity for the Doctrine of the Faith (to which the abuse cases were submitted) that he is in great danger of seeing the only viable step available to him… as being forced to step down as Pope.

How much longer can this scandal continue to fester before “the Faithful” totally revolt… and bring about a “break” in the church ?  Could the church actually “split” over this controversy ?  It is becoming more and more obvious that this just might be the only way for millions and millions of Catholics… to remain “in the Church.”

We must remember… that one of the wonderful defining ideas that came out of the Second Vatican Council… Vatican II… is that “we”… all of us… ARE “the Church.”


There’s a New Girl In Town…

A funny thing happened on the way to tonight.  I logged on… just wanting to make some changes in my other blog.

It’s called The dear, sweet pop-up page that appeared when I signed on asked me if I wanted to start a second blog… in addition to the one I launched previously.

Since my NCG blog is the real reason I launched MyOlderSister… I thought about it for perhaps thirteen seconds… and clicked YES.  Thus… my new friend… Nice Catholic Girl from Cleveland was born.  Happy Birthday Sweetie !