I have been keeping a journal for about twenty years now. It has been a “personal” journal… not one that anyone else has read. But… I think that time has past. Keeping my thoughts to myself doesn’t do anyone any good.

So… here I am… at my blogging desk. One nice thing about blogging… is that it is always there for me to visit. Oh, don’t you just love the hair-do ?

There is just so much that has been raining down on the internet… drenching just about everything else out there. That, combined with all of the ultra-conservative nonsense… both religious and political… and so much of it is just stuff they “made up…” with almost no basis in fact.

I just found I could not only “think” about things. I just had to put them down so I could actually see them in front of me… and perhaps someone else could see them, as well.


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