Four Women Priests Ordained As Bishops… It’s About Time

Recently, something pretty amazing has happened in the area of the Catholic faith. In the earliest of times… actually during the first and second centuries… in the beginnings of what would become the Catholic church… both men AND women were priests, deacons, and even bishops. It wasn’t considered earth-shaking. It just… “was.”

As time wore on… the “church” came to be more and more under the influence of an aging group of men who gradually turned the church in a much more conservative, and patriarchal direction.

Although it is written in some of the books of the bible that… in addition to the male priests that most christians know of… there were women priests who were known to prophesy, to work miracles, to preach, to heal, to baptize, and to even be ordained as Bishops in the fledgling church… that was about to change. Or, to be more correct… that was soon to be MADE to change.

That all gradually disappeared… and over time… the Catholic Church came to be as it has for the last eighteen centuries… a “male-only” group of deacons, priests, bishops, and popes.

That… has finally changed… as can be seen by the above photo. At a recent ordination… four women priests were elevated through the process of ordination… to the rank of Bishop.

To be fair… this group of Catholics are part of a branch of the Catholic Church that is not recognized by the mainstream Catholic Church… currently under the conservative direction of its present pope… Benedict XVI.

In recognizing the current shortage of male priests… many, many Catholics have welcomed this evidence of the Church recognizing that all people… men AND women… were made in the “image and likeness of God.”

This is just one further example… of how Blessings Are Abundant in the Church today. Perhaps after the current conservative wave that has overtaken the leadership in the dominant branch of the Catholic Church has abated… the full Church can once again become united.


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