WomenPriest… a Force to Be Reckoned With…

Recently… four women priests were ordained as Bishops in the Catholic Church.  Of course, the Catholic Church in Rome… you know, the one in all that hot water… does not approve.  But, then again… there is much of which the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger does not approve.

But… that is ok… because his approval was not sought.

A friend of mine suggested that we nickname Pope Benedict XVI… the Tea Bag Pope… cuz he’s in so much hot water.  Now… that seems strangely appropriate to me… on several different levels.  As our dear friend Bill O’Reilly might ask… “What say you ?”


3 responses to “WomenPriest… a Force to Be Reckoned With…

  1. I really have to agree with you about the Pope being in hot water. Probably up to his elbows, if not higher. I think calling him the Tea Bag Pope is a great idea.

  2. Oh, so glad you put this out here! As I said somewhere else to you, organized religion is just no longer for me. I am “a nice Catholic girl, turned Episcopalian, back to being a nice Catholic girl who never ever steps inside a church at any time because I found no Christianity at all”. Jaded I am. There are, of course, wonderful priests, wonderful people inside the walls of the churches.
    And as far as women priests, why not? Who said we can’t? Way back when we were. Then men came along….
    The history of the papacy is really stellar, don’t you think? NOT.
    The concept was good, but power and money corrupt, everywhere. Tea Bag Pope, I am still laughing.
    And I never ever thought my comment would go on and on like this.

  3. Tea Bag Pope, pretty chuckle worthy – wonder how far Jon Stewart would run with that? Really well written and thoughtful posts about women in the priesthood. I wasn’t even aware of this order, but not surprised it isn’t recognized by MainStreamers. THE major reason I became disillusioned with Catholicsm, was after going through Catechism, Communion and Confirmation even as a little girl, I really thought that the Church had nothing in common with its women members.

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